The AOHUPO is dedicated to fostering proteomic initiatives and efforts internationally and regionally. AOHUPO was formed in 2002 by a group of well known Proteomics scientist in the AO region. More conceptual in origin, the organization has grown into a structured body through mutual interests and dedication of its leaders. It represents fifteen countries in the Asia and Oceania region, including China. AOHUPO has been actively promoting proteomics activities between researchers and research groups in the region. AOHUPO has also undertaken a consortium initiative – Membrane Proteomics Initiative, for developing methods to reliably identify and characterize membrane proteins which are the most difficult to study. MPI is progressing fast with participation from many research groups in the joint research effort. As part of its mandate, AOHUPO organizes a bi-annual International Proteomics Conference. The earlier bi-annual Conferences were held in Seoul (S.Korea 2002), in Taipei (China, 2004), Singapore (2006), Cairns (Australia, 2008) and Hyderabad (India, 2010). In view of increasing Proteomics research in China, the AOHUPO council decided to hold the 6th congress in China, in May 2012.
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