Medical instrument industry will be aimed at a higher-tech and more humanized development. As there are great breakthroughs happening in biological and robot intelligence today, more high-tech factors will be added into medical instrument in the future, such as mechanical sensing instrument, intelligent instrument clinical lab system and so on.
Smart healthcare and innovative medical instrument training is carried out under the guidance of municipal education commission and “The Belt and Road Initiative” international training service platform of USST, in accordance with national wisdom of “The Belt and Road Initiative” and concepts of “combination, innovation and sustainable development” so as to provide supports on smart healthcare and innovative medical instrument for countries along “The Belt and Road Initiative”. Participants are experts and senior managing staffs engaged with relevant work in hospitals, medical instrument enterprises and government authorities, 50 in total. The content covers new technology, new products and new methods.
The training plans to provide our advanced smart healthcare and innovative medical instrument technology to “The Belt and Road Initiative” countries to lay foundation for future international cooperation by taking advantages of regional advantages and industry advantages in Beijing and Shanghai. Furthermore, a series of international innovation cooperation entities of platform, alliance, joint R&D center and maker space will be established to boost exchanges and cooperation of this field.
Personnel in healthcare and medical instrument industry from hospitals, medical instrument companies and government agencies in  “The Belt and Road Initiative” countries
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